Triumph and Downfalls

*my very first blog post yay! I hope that through this God may be glorified! 😁*

Every first week of the year, our church holds a spiritual event called prayer and fasting. This year it was different from the past years. I fasted from social media, television and tried not to eat 2 meals for 1 day. I prayed keenly and consistently did my morning devotions. I prayed that I would pass my audition for me to get a full scholarship and grant us financially. It took me a very hard time to fast from social media. Why? Since I spent half of my time everyday scrolling through to my phone looking through my timeline and sometimes seeing negative thoughts from other people or so-called “bashing”.It may sound funny, but when I get tempted I shut off my phone, close the doors, hide with my favorite blanket, and pray. Idolizing my phone eventually affected me and my lifestyle from doing school works and sleeping so late at night. I know that I’m still in the process of removing my bad habit through God’s supervision and correspondingly helping myself of course.

Going back to my number 1 prayer request, and that is to pass the audition. January 13, the moment of truth, oh and “acceptance”. The results came out and when I first saw it, I felt so happy that I passed the audition but still felt so sad that God didn’t grant my request. At one moment, I closed my eyes and asked God so many questions, “Why God? Why? I did everything I could ever possibly do, I prayed and fast, did my morning devotions. But why? Why didn’t you answer my one and only acquisitive prayer request? Isn’t that slot for me? I did my best and worked so hard! Then the next day when I alleged my own morning devotion God provided me the verses Ecclesiastes 3:20-21;26 and Ecclesiastes 6:10. I cried and cried till I get better. Yes, people may call it weird that I’m weak or a very soft-hearted person. I straightforwardly yelp when I am happy, sad, disappointed, and things that are exciting. At that moment, the Holy Spirit rebuked me. Why am I arguing with God? I listen to Sunday Services and teach kids not to moan when God didn’t grant their prayer request. Too odd huh? I know that God has plans ahead of me and His plans are better than mine. Nevertheless, I didn’t have the chance to be a full scholar this quarter, but I am still happy that I passed intended for the potential that they saw in me. Hence, I have learned a new lesson in life: To be grateful in spite of the trials for He has greater plans for me.👍 #CCFAnsweredPrayer

I am still happy that I got the top slot yay! Thank you Father ❤

I am still happy that I got the top slot yay! Thank you Father ❤