1. I’m Alyssa Kaye Mortera Estoria
  2. Its “uh-lee-suh” not “alayza” *biggest mistake of my life. *sigh*
  3. Fifteen years of age *cause when you’re fifteen somebody tells you to love youuu, you never believed itttt #hugot haha
  4. I’ve been dancing ballet for 13 years now #Solid #MayForever


    bunhead since ’02 😄❤

  5. But I really don’t know how to dance HipHop HAHAHAHA I tried guys L [sad life]
  6. A proud believer of Christ. The man who saved me from my sins a thousand of years ago!
  7. A lifeshaper 🎒


    my Nxtgen Level C fambam 💜

  8. Was home studied to pursue my passion and love for Ballet.
  9. Science is my favorite subject.
  10. I have 2 siblings! PS: we really have a longggg gap. Brianna’s 3 years old and Caleb just turned 2 months old!! Yaaay #WorthTheWait haha joke.
  11. I’d rather read books than watch movies hehe
  12. I still sleep with my favorite stuff toy that I got from my 1st birthday
  13. I love One Direction hahah #NoShame #SorryNotSorry
  14. I get depressed when my grades are lower than 90 #SadNu? :-((
  15. I tweet a lot hahha. Yes you, the one who’s reading this right now. Follow me on twitter!! @ysuuhballeyrina HAHAHAHAH
  16. I love taking pictures of the clouds and trees.
  17. Dog-lover 🐾11694878_892550994145030_6965175645054088220_n.jpg
  18. I’m bad at making jokes. “Corny daw ako” well well
  19. I have a berry sabaw friends❤
  20. I love to eat!!! And get hungry once in a while 😂
  21. The Hunger Games Trilogy is my favorite book.
  22. Once was part of the church’s Kids Choir HAHAHHA
  23. A novice violin player
  24. I tried to be a model and ambitioned to be a Child Actress *yes you read it right 😉
  25. Had 20 seconds of fame in a TV commercial before hahahaha #DownyPaMore
  26. I hate Make Up *and yes including eyeliners 😝
  27. Celebrity Crush? Liza Soberano 😉💜
  28. I don’t know how to cook 😭💔
  29. Red Sauce >> White Sauce!
  30. Frustrated Pianist 👏
  31. I cry when I’m having a bad day in Ballet Class. SHHHHHH
  32. I have asthma huhu
  33. Believes in #TRUELOVEWAITS hahaha okay labo.
  34. One of the boys. boooyeah!
  35. I’d rather play Tekken than Cooking Mama #TruDat
  36. Soft-hearted, I cry on VERY VERY small things
  37. I love teaching kids ❤
  38. I’m not a Morning Person.
  39. Pointe Shoe span for me? 3 months hehehe
  40. I wear/use Grishko 2007 Pro Flex 😌
  41. I look like my mom hahaha #Twinsies
  42. When I’m bored, I stalk random people on social media. *BEWARE*
  43. I love Ukay-Ukays!! and Divisoria Heheheh
  44. I hate math.
  45. I love eating inside my room *Sorry Mom 😘
  46. I still don’t know what course to choose in College.
  47. I have 2 boy best friends and 2 girl besties 😉💕
  48. Miss Universe 2020 hahaha joke lang #DontStopBelieving
  49. I Started this blog a year ago
  50. Half-way there. Woohoooo
  51. I love surprises *hi friends 🙋🙋
  52. Started Pointe Work, 3 years ago 😉
  53. Tita’s girl foreveeer tita's girl
  54. Loves to hang out with friends 💙
  55. fruits >> chips
  56. weight conscious 😐🙅
  57. a family of backpackers
  58. and adventure seekers
  59. I love late night conversations with friends and family 💛
  60. I love Christmas! #JesusIsTheReason ✨
  61. Appreciates little things
  62. Idk but my grandpa insisted that my name was supposed to be Maria
  63. Currently a scholar in Ballet Philippines Dance School #ThankYouLord #blessed
  64. Beach please :-((
  65. Clingy bestie forevs
  66. I don’t brush my hair
  67. Pa Good-Girl
  68. I started commuting when I was 12 years old #OverProtectiveParents
  69. Just like Olaf, I love warm hugs! ❤
  70. Favorite Song ATM: Alive (Hillsong)
  71. Dancespiration: Stella Abrera [Proud Pinoy] *Currently a member/Principal Dancer of American Ballet Theatre , Ate Denise Parungao & Monica Gana *Ballet Philippines hihih
  72. Shorts and sweat pants >> Dresses
  74. And currently enjoying this stage of my life #YOLO
  75. I am Katniss Everdeen wow naman [real or not real?] 😂😂
  76. I work out 2-3 times a week. 💦


    hi dani #friendshipgoals lol what hahah

  77. Wait, I think I can sing HAHAHAHAHHA
  78. I always overthink at night 😦 💔
  79. Currently addicted with fluffy socks!!
  80. A Nxtgen Kiddo 👶


    Hahahah throwback!!! *sorry guuuys 😉

  81. I love to eat Chinese food!!!
  82. And ever since I was 2 years old, my favorite order up to now is …… [Chicken Feet and Sparerib Rice!!!]
  83. Disney Baby ✨
  84. My family goes on an outreach program every year
  85. I am blessed to be a blessing.
  86. Art Enthusiast.
  87. I’d rather drink milk tea than Starbucks.
  88. Not much of a fan of Horror Movies.
  89. For me, Documentaries are better than Movies hehehe
  90. Hugot hugot hugot
  91. I love Contemporary more than Classical Ballet


  92. Boyish type!!
  93. I love sketching leotards and tutus #FeelingArtsy 🎭
  94. The World is my classroom hahaha, so random
  95. Loves ze squad so much! #ClingyNo?


    #asian #asiangirls #meangirls HAHAHAHAHHA

  96. Candid Shots!!!! #sml
  97. Dad’s little girl
  98. One last….
  99. a princess of God ❤👸

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