At the start of school year, I asked & prayed God to give my hearts intention to serve Him and show what I am capable of. I spent couple of months doing the same old thing but I never felt that I was enjoying or doing it for Him. Months passed by and there were opportunities that I denied because my intentions were completely different that became more off like a “show off” rather than being humble to learn from others. After several events and different PeTas (film, CRP and many more) I could honestly say that my anxiety level went risky as I developed a pessimistic mindset that gave me reasons to say “Lord, pwede nyo na ako kunin” or the more common one “Di ko na kaya, give up nako please”. But all by His grace, I can call the process of directing this musical as a testimony of God’s unending grace and I am beyond grateful to those people who believed that I am capable of something that I couldn’t even far off imagine.
*gives me a little bit of a flashback* 😉


Last summer, we had a short course about Dance Choreography that made me contemplate and to put some joke aside with my co-dancers “Baka naman pag di ka talaga meant for dancing, baka choreographer ang dating mo. Ganern! Atleast with one with arts padin”.  HEH WHY ISZ THIS HAPPENING? HAHAH *mindblown & #shookenating*

looking at my dancom notes *naks feeling dance major* during my free-time, I asked myself “Kelan ko  kaya to magagamit?”IMG_5050

sooner or later baaaam!! Nag hello yung English Month and the Broadway Musical. Dude grabe, kala ko nasa arts school ako as in. HAHAHAHAHA. So lol yeah, growing up watching different musicals whether live or sa torrent lang *please don’t report me, I’m just completely a theatre fan hehehez*, I SAID TO MYSELF HOMYGHAD MY PAMILEE I GUESS THIS IS IT PANCIT!


Back to reality, part of the mechanics is that we have to collaborate with another section & different strand. Bruh, I completely and mistakenly judged right away and told my friends and teachers “Mas matataas ang potentialsz ng HUMSS no? Kakayanin ba nila?” PAG BIGYAN ANG PATATAS MGA KAIBIGAN. So yeah, my reaction was OA but honestly I said that.


But, who would have thought working with 40++ people is an experience to be called as worthwhile? My frustrations were ALWAYS present as I frankly told them that I HATED JAZZ AS IN. Hahah, no choice? Yes ofc. I felt so sorry not to give justice to the title and the theme of the broadway but I knew Chevron & Darwin #Chevwin gave 101% of their talents, attitude and time. Flashback to the times when they spent couple of hours rehearsing outside the campus as they aim to work hard to reach for “perfection” (Para makatakas sa PeTa hayszt lesbihonest here guys), gave an attitude onstage to be someone they aren’t for the piece and lastly, the friendship that was made for a month that will surely be treasured.

Before performing in the finals I told my team that in everything that we do, we have to dedicate it all to the one who gave us these talents by not owning or putting up a brag but rather it was more of showing that there’s something instore to perform onstage for His glory. And “manalo or matalo” we’ve proved that we can still manage to study and makakapasa kami this sem zzz #TRUENOUGH  (it was not that wholesome haha but lolsz sorry)

Truth be told, this is one is for keeps! Honestly, we never expected any of these things coming on our way and the triumph to be called as the “champions”. Having that said, we knew it was something that we don’t deserve. But Glory be to the Father who gave us the talents to showcase to the crowd that (SHS students got that #POTENTIAL). To our ates and kuyas, we were truly inspired by the way you worked and we wanted to share the victory with you as you showed what it means to be dedicated in the field of theater arts. #ParaSaSining ay lahat sana ay magkasundo-sundo. Humbled enough, kayo padin po ang tunay na Lodi ng #LPUSHS (no sugarcoated feelsz). To our teachers, salamat at ubos na ang PeTas at makakahinga na tayo dahil sembreak na hahaha kidding aside! We appreciated every bit of your efforts to make things possible! ❤

It was more of learning through the experience and not just the title.

Having this as an appreciation post, heartfelt gratitude to the people who poured out their creativity, dedication and time to make #ChicagoTheMusical possible!

@/Chevron: Idk really, but it was really challenging working with people that I never knew! But, the experience and collaborating with your section was so nkklk jk hahah and ofcourse atleast we were able to prove that you guys were just far off something better rather than the academics. Continue to excel and show em’ what you’ve got! ❤

@/Darwin: yaw q na, suko na q. Joke! Ofc fam, I appreciated y’all for supporting me throughout the sem and kept on telling me “Iiyak pero di susuko”. Happy to be in a section na kahit party people *hay facepalm* eh overflowing naman pala sa talents. Salamat sa napaka powerful na production team! U added a touch of magic to the cell block scene. LIJIT TO MGA PARE,  WERPA!



Much love and signing off,

@ysuuhballeyrina ❤

Soli Deo Gloria! #PHIL413 #ChevWinIMG_4962







  1. I’m Alyssa Kaye Mortera Estoria
  2. Its “uh-lee-suh” not “alayza” *biggest mistake of my life. *sigh*
  3. Fifteen years of age *cause when you’re fifteen somebody tells you to love youuu, you never believed itttt #hugot haha
  4. I’ve been dancing ballet for 13 years now #Solid #MayForever


    bunhead since ’02 😄❤

  5. But I really don’t know how to dance HipHop HAHAHAHA I tried guys L [sad life]
  6. A proud believer of Christ. The man who saved me from my sins a thousand of years ago!
  7. A lifeshaper 🎒


    my Nxtgen Level C fambam 💜

  8. Was home studied to pursue my passion and love for Ballet.
  9. Science is my favorite subject.
  10. I have 2 siblings! PS: we really have a longggg gap. Brianna’s 3 years old and Caleb just turned 2 months old!! Yaaay #WorthTheWait haha joke.
  11. I’d rather read books than watch movies hehe
  12. I still sleep with my favorite stuff toy that I got from my 1st birthday
  13. I love One Direction hahah #NoShame #SorryNotSorry
  14. I get depressed when my grades are lower than 90 #SadNu? :-((
  15. I tweet a lot hahha. Yes you, the one who’s reading this right now. Follow me on twitter!! @ysuuhballeyrina HAHAHAHAH
  16. I love taking pictures of the clouds and trees.
  17. Dog-lover 🐾11694878_892550994145030_6965175645054088220_n.jpg
  18. I’m bad at making jokes. “Corny daw ako” well well
  19. I have a berry sabaw friends❤
  20. I love to eat!!! And get hungry once in a while 😂
  21. The Hunger Games Trilogy is my favorite book.
  22. Once was part of the church’s Kids Choir HAHAHHA
  23. A novice violin player
  24. I tried to be a model and ambitioned to be a Child Actress *yes you read it right 😉
  25. Had 20 seconds of fame in a TV commercial before hahahaha #DownyPaMore
  26. I hate Make Up *and yes including eyeliners 😝
  27. Celebrity Crush? Liza Soberano 😉💜
  28. I don’t know how to cook 😭💔
  29. Red Sauce >> White Sauce!
  30. Frustrated Pianist 👏
  31. I cry when I’m having a bad day in Ballet Class. SHHHHHH
  32. I have asthma huhu
  33. Believes in #TRUELOVEWAITS hahaha okay labo.
  34. One of the boys. boooyeah!
  35. I’d rather play Tekken than Cooking Mama #TruDat
  36. Soft-hearted, I cry on VERY VERY small things
  37. I love teaching kids ❤
  38. I’m not a Morning Person.
  39. Pointe Shoe span for me? 3 months hehehe
  40. I wear/use Grishko 2007 Pro Flex 😌
  41. I look like my mom hahaha #Twinsies
  42. When I’m bored, I stalk random people on social media. *BEWARE*
  43. I love Ukay-Ukays!! and Divisoria Heheheh
  44. I hate math.
  45. I love eating inside my room *Sorry Mom 😘
  46. I still don’t know what course to choose in College.
  47. I have 2 boy best friends and 2 girl besties 😉💕
  48. Miss Universe 2020 hahaha joke lang #DontStopBelieving
  49. I Started this blog a year ago
  50. Half-way there. Woohoooo
  51. I love surprises *hi friends 🙋🙋
  52. Started Pointe Work, 3 years ago 😉
  53. Tita’s girl foreveeer tita's girl
  54. Loves to hang out with friends 💙
  55. fruits >> chips
  56. weight conscious 😐🙅
  57. a family of backpackers
  58. and adventure seekers
  59. I love late night conversations with friends and family 💛
  60. I love Christmas! #JesusIsTheReason ✨
  61. Appreciates little things
  62. Idk but my grandpa insisted that my name was supposed to be Maria
  63. Currently a scholar in Ballet Philippines Dance School #ThankYouLord #blessed
  64. Beach please :-((
  65. Clingy bestie forevs
  66. I don’t brush my hair
  67. Pa Good-Girl
  68. I started commuting when I was 12 years old #OverProtectiveParents
  69. Just like Olaf, I love warm hugs! ❤
  70. Favorite Song ATM: Alive (Hillsong)
  71. Dancespiration: Stella Abrera [Proud Pinoy] *Currently a member/Principal Dancer of American Ballet Theatre , Ate Denise Parungao & Monica Gana *Ballet Philippines hihih
  72. Shorts and sweat pants >> Dresses
  74. And currently enjoying this stage of my life #YOLO
  75. I am Katniss Everdeen wow naman [real or not real?] 😂😂
  76. I work out 2-3 times a week. 💦


    hi dani #friendshipgoals lol what hahah

  77. Wait, I think I can sing HAHAHAHAHHA
  78. I always overthink at night 😦 💔
  79. Currently addicted with fluffy socks!!
  80. A Nxtgen Kiddo 👶


    Hahahah throwback!!! *sorry guuuys 😉

  81. I love to eat Chinese food!!!
  82. And ever since I was 2 years old, my favorite order up to now is …… [Chicken Feet and Sparerib Rice!!!]
  83. Disney Baby ✨
  84. My family goes on an outreach program every year
  85. I am blessed to be a blessing.
  86. Art Enthusiast.
  87. I’d rather drink milk tea than Starbucks.
  88. Not much of a fan of Horror Movies.
  89. For me, Documentaries are better than Movies hehehe
  90. Hugot hugot hugot
  91. I love Contemporary more than Classical Ballet


  92. Boyish type!!
  93. I love sketching leotards and tutus #FeelingArtsy 🎭
  94. The World is my classroom hahaha, so random
  95. Loves ze squad so much! #ClingyNo?


    #asian #asiangirls #meangirls HAHAHAHAHHA

  96. Candid Shots!!!! #sml
  97. Dad’s little girl
  98. One last….
  99. a princess of God ❤👸

6 Things Being A Dancer Has Taught Me About Life

Lessons that I learned from dancing through the years!
Dancing for me is not just a form of exercise to me to get skinny or what, it became part of my everyday lifestyle. Dedication and Hard Work will happen if you love your passion. 🙂

Thought Catalog

Ever since I was seven years old, the dance studio has been my second home. Through all of the recitals, costumes, hairspray, injuries and friends I’ve made, my experiences on and off stage have taught me so many things about myself, and about life in general.


1. Dedication

Being a dancer requires a ridiculous amount of dedication. You have to be at every class and practice if you want to improve your skills. There’s no way you could just go out in your driveway and practice those barre combinations you learned in ballet class yesterday, and you really can’t practice your tap solo in the grass in front of your house or on your kitchen floor (this in particular tends to make the ‘rents angry). It’s just one of those activities that you need the right environment to execute. On top of this, there isn’t really any “off season” for…

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Date A Girl Who Dances

this is just too cute! 🙂
Well, this is not just for those who are dancers who’s into a relationship but with those who has non-dancers friends who can’t understand how hard it is to manage your love for dance and quality time with friends. #hugot lol jokee 😂✌

Thought Catalog


Date a girl who dances. Date a girl devoted to doing the unnatural every day, who stands on her toes and speaks without words. Date a girl whose eyes get glassy when assaulted by new music because she can’t help choreographing, casting, living and dying in her mind.

Find a girl who dances. You’ll know that she does because she will seem to move endlessly. She will sway to the sounds of the city, fidget every few minutes, crack her knuckles and her neck, roll each wrist and cross the other leg just so she feels even. She will forget herself and where she is, the length of her skirt and the strangeness of what she’s about to do when something falls from her lovely, articulate hands to the floor. She will not bend at the knees because she does not have to, folding instead at the waist to…

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Triumph and Downfalls

*my very first blog post yay! I hope that through this God may be glorified! 😁*

Every first week of the year, our church holds a spiritual event called prayer and fasting. This year it was different from the past years. I fasted from social media, television and tried not to eat 2 meals for 1 day. I prayed keenly and consistently did my morning devotions. I prayed that I would pass my audition for me to get a full scholarship and grant us financially. It took me a very hard time to fast from social media. Why? Since I spent half of my time everyday scrolling through to my phone looking through my timeline and sometimes seeing negative thoughts from other people or so-called “bashing”.It may sound funny, but when I get tempted I shut off my phone, close the doors, hide with my favorite blanket, and pray. Idolizing my phone eventually affected me and my lifestyle from doing school works and sleeping so late at night. I know that I’m still in the process of removing my bad habit through God’s supervision and correspondingly helping myself of course.

Going back to my number 1 prayer request, and that is to pass the audition. January 13, the moment of truth, oh and “acceptance”. The results came out and when I first saw it, I felt so happy that I passed the audition but still felt so sad that God didn’t grant my request. At one moment, I closed my eyes and asked God so many questions, “Why God? Why? I did everything I could ever possibly do, I prayed and fast, did my morning devotions. But why? Why didn’t you answer my one and only acquisitive prayer request? Isn’t that slot for me? I did my best and worked so hard! Then the next day when I alleged my own morning devotion God provided me the verses Ecclesiastes 3:20-21;26 and Ecclesiastes 6:10. I cried and cried till I get better. Yes, people may call it weird that I’m weak or a very soft-hearted person. I straightforwardly yelp when I am happy, sad, disappointed, and things that are exciting. At that moment, the Holy Spirit rebuked me. Why am I arguing with God? I listen to Sunday Services and teach kids not to moan when God didn’t grant their prayer request. Too odd huh? I know that God has plans ahead of me and His plans are better than mine. Nevertheless, I didn’t have the chance to be a full scholar this quarter, but I am still happy that I passed intended for the potential that they saw in me. Hence, I have learned a new lesson in life: To be grateful in spite of the trials for He has greater plans for me.👍 #CCFAnsweredPrayer

I am still happy that I got the top slot yay! Thank you Father ❤

I am still happy that I got the top slot yay! Thank you Father ❤